Internship Program

Landscape Architecture Internships

The Robert Reich School of Landscape Architecture has a long-standing tradition of facilitating internships for undergraduate students. The experience of working in a professional setting is vital to our educational philosophy, and we attribute a great deal of our alumni’s success to our internship program. The internship program is a supported part of the core undergraduate experience, and internships count for six hours of course credit. Undergraduate students are required to participate in internships during the spring semester of the fourth-year of study at the school.

The Robert Reich School of Landscape Architecture is one of the few landscape architecture programs in the country that requires a full-semester internship experience. We have found this to be extremely beneficial to our students as the extended amount of time allows them to become fully immersed in the work environment and more involved in projects at the participating firms. In addition, students are often asked to remain as interns over the following summer, which provides them with even more exposure to the realities of the landscape architecture profession.

As a result of their employment, students have a stronger appreciation for the business of design, returning to their studies with enhanced skills and clarified career goals. Employers benefit from the work of a skilled intern, with the intern bringing valuable skills and a refreshing outlook to the office. Many employers have hired their interns permanently upon graduation.

Internships involve working with a registered landscape architect who will serve as a professional supervisor to the intern. Students are required to complete a minimum of 32–40 hours per week of work experience over 10-12 weeks of employment. The internship should have a climate that is conducive to learning, where students can apply knowledge and skills and participate in a variety of job experiences. The intern will be evaluated midway through the internship and again at the end of the internship.

Participating firms may offer to pay the intern, but payment is not required and is at the discretion of the employer. Firms wishing to offer assistance with room and board may do so, but this is not required.

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For more information on undergraduate internships, please contact Professor Max Conrad, internship coordinator.