Incoming Students

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Welcome to the LSU School of Architecture and the LSU College of Art & Design!

We are thrilled that you have chosen the LSU School of Architecture for your studies, and we look forward to your participation in our fall semester curriculum. You are joining a dedicated group of faculty and students in the School of Architecture and can look forward to all the benefits that affords. The next five years in the School of Architecture will be filled with exciting experiences and opportunities including learning a whole new world of design skills, internships, field trips, and friendships that will last a lifetime. We look forward to working with you in our program and introducing you to a vast array of exciting experiences that take place at the School of Architecture. Of course college life itself will also be filled with new experiences in independence, extracurricular activities, and new knowledge.

Digital Requirements
Supply List ARCH 1001 – coming soon!
Supply List ARCH 4003 Studio Рcoming soon!