LSU BFA MFA Studio Art Study Abroad Travel Course

Students view a sculpture by Tara Donovan during an intersession program in New York City

The School of Art offers accredited professional degree programs at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Accreditation is a process by which a disciplinary unit within an institution periodically evaluates its work and seeks an independent judgment by peers, confirming that the program achieves educational objectives and meets established standards. The accreditation process includes:

  1. a self-evaluative description (self-study) of the school,
  2. an on-site review by a team of evaluators, and
  3. judgment by the accreditation decision-making body, or commission. Accreditation reviews focus on educational quality, institutional integrity, and educational improvements.

The National Association for Schools of Art & Design (NASAD) is the accrediting organization for art and design programs. NASAD is an organization of schools, colleges, and universities that offer art and design studies. Founded in 1944, it has approximately 323 institutional members, including LSU.

The School of Art offers accredited degree programs leading to the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art (four-year program, 120 credit hours) the Master of Fine Arts in Studio Art (three-year program, 60 credit hours) and the Master of Arts in Art History (two-year program, 30 credit hours). The Bachelor­ of Liberal Arts concentration in art history (four-year program, 120 credit hours) is awarded through the College of Humanities & Social Sciences.

The next accreditation visit is scheduled for the 2020–21 academic year.