Foundations Portfolio

The LSU School of Art has seven distinct artistic disciplines leading to the Bachelor of Fine Arts. When students are accepted to LSU and indicate a preference for art as a major, they enter a first year of study composed of preliminary foundations courses in art and design. At the conclusion of the first year, students apply to their chosen discipline through the process known as selective admissions.

The selective admissions process requires the creation of two separate portfolios: a Foundations Portfolio and a discipline specific portfolio, the requirements of which are determined by each individual discipline within the School of Art. For more information about the discipline specific portfolio, visit Selective Admissions. 

Foundations Portfolio Basics

The Foundations Portfolio comprises work completed during a student’s first year of study in the School of Art, primarily work completed in the three classes that make up the basis of the foundations curriculum:

ART 1011 (or 1008) Two-Dimensional Design
ART 1012 (or 1009) Three-Dimensional Design
ART 1847 (or 1010) Drawing & Composition

Students should select three works that represent their best practices while also showing the breadth of their skills. These can be homework assignments, major projects, in-class exercises, or even pages from sketchbooks. The format is open ended so students can choose the items that best reflect their levels of expertise. Students are instructed to digitally photograph, edit and format in Photoshop, and compile the information for each selected work by class, year, size, and medium. Each student must upload their Foundation Portfolio to Moodle for faculty review.

How the Foundations Portfolio Will Be Used

The impetus behind the Foundations Portfolio is to teach students valuable professional development skills early on. Digital documentation of work is a fundamental tool, and students with working knowledge of these steps will be equipped to present themselves in the best possible way in their professional lives. The Foundations Portfolio also allows faculty access to a number of student foundations assignments for review during the selective admissions process, giving them a better understanding of who each student is as an artist. They will use the Foundations Portfolio to support the discipline specific portfolio that students are required to create for the selective admissions process.

Foundations Portfolios are also reviewed by the Foundations Committee composed of professors across all disciplines of the School of Art. The committee reviews the work and passes their findings to the different discipline areas, while continually looking for ways to improve the foundations curriculum.