Visiting Artists Program



About the Visiting Artists Program

The visiting artists and scholars program is an integral part of the School of Art’s mission to provide students vital, comprehensive experiences in the practice and study of contemporary fine arts and design. Each year we invite a diverse group of nationally and internationally recognized artists, scholars, and lecturers to the School of Art for a few days, weeks, or even months. These artists and scholars present their work and ideas to students, faculty, and the community through lectures, workshops, seminars, class visits, and exhibitions at the School of Art galleries or the LSU Museum of Art. The artists work closely with graduate students and advanced undergraduates in studio classes and participate in individual critiques, and scholars lecture to students during studio visits or to large groups in the Design Building Auditorium.

Community Interaction

nari ward

Nari Ward

Harlem-based sculptor Nari Ward, college’s 2013-14 Nadine Carter Russell Chair, won the 2017 Vilcek Prize, a $100,000 cash award honoring immigrant artists.

bradley furnish

Bradley Furnish

Bradley Furnish, editor at Pixar, visited the School of Art for a screening of his Oscar-nominated animated short, The Dam Keeper.

marc fumaroli

Marc Fumaroli

Marc Fumaroli, member of the Académie française, presented a lecture at the college and visited local schools. A copy of his lecture was published by LSU Press.

Past Visiting Artists


Dan Cameron
Howard Chaykin
Walton Ford
Mary Miss
Jesús Moroles
Clare Twomey
Linda Weintraub 


Walter Bortolossi
James Hayes
Elizabeth Huey
Deborah Jack
Andrew Martin
Atsuhiko Mushahi 


Michael Ray Charles
The Art Guys
Joel Katz
Gao Minglu
Alec Soth


Peter Frank
Dorothy Glass
Kyoko Ibe
Garth Johnson
Laurie Olinder
Jim Osman
Bastienne Schmidt
James Surls


Vito Aconchi
Sandow Birk
Linda Norden
Casey Reas
Sumner Stone
Kara Walker
Stephen Westfall 


Mark Gottsegen
Susann Lusina
James McGarrell
Carrie Scanga
Shahzia Sikander
Kal Spelletich
Kimberly Vantleven 


James Cuno
Wan Ding
Dan Havel
Dean Ruck

Earlier Years

Clinton Adams
Gregory Amenoff
Wayne Anderson
Alice Aycock
James Beck
Linda Benglis
Jake Berthot
John Canaday
David Carson
Lois Conner
Judy Dater
Elaine DeKooning
Robert DeNiro
Stephen DeStabler
Alain Desvergnes
Lois Dodd
Fred Fenster
Lee Friedlander
Emmet Gowin
John Guider
Dimitri Hadzi
Frederick Hart
Henry Heinstein
Keith Helmetag
Richard Hunt
Yvonne Jacquette
Irma Jaffe
Lester Johnson
Allan Kaprow
Alex Katz
Mauricio Lasansky
Clarence John Laughlin
Lucy Lippard
Michael Lucero
Patrick McNaughton
Joann Moser
Ron Nagle
Alice Neal
Robert Nelson
Manuel Neri
Al Paley
Gabor Peterdi
Rudy Pozzati
Gordon Salchow
Salvatore Scalora
Richard Sexton
Judith Solodkin
Richard Stankjewicz
Wayne Tiebaud
Jerry Uelsmann
John Walker
Betty Woodman