Strategic Goals

School of Interior Design Strategic Goals (2018-2022)

The School of Interior Design Strategic Goals describe aspirations for education, research, human capital and partnerships within the School, while supporting the strategic challenges described in the LSU Strategic Plan 2025.

  1. Improve and Expand the Educational Experience

The School of Interior Design is committed to improving health and wellbeing, transforming education, and developing leaders through improving and expanding the educational experience for students in the School and University. To meet this goal the School will revise and update the existing Bachelor of Interior Design curriculum, establish a new graduate program focused on promoting human health and wellness in the interior environment, offer new courses to prepare students to address contemporary issues in Interior Design, and meet the new professional standards for accreditation. Increasing opportunities for interdisciplinary collaboration, participation in public service outreach activities and off campus experiences, and strengthening the existing internship program will enhance student learning and leadership development.

  1. Cultivate a Culture of Research, Scholarship and Creative Activities

The School of Interior Design is committed to advancing arts and culture through cultivating scholarship, applied research, and creative activities among faculty and students. To meet this goal, the School will facilitate opportunities for faculty to engage in existing and new research, disseminate findings, and participate in professional development activities.

  1. Grow a Comprehensive and Balanced Student Body and Faculty

The School of Interior Design is committed to developing leaders among the student body, faculty and staff. To meet this goal, the School will engage in a comprehensive recruitment plan to address issues of gender equity and diversity, promote the value of an Interior Design education, and ensure a balanced rank distribution among the faculty.

  1. Advance Industry, Professional, Community and University Partners

The School of Interior Design is committed to transforming education and fostering research and catalyzing economic development through establishing and sustaining industry, professional, community and university partners. To meet this goal, the School will find opportunities to connect the School, students and faculty with partners to complement research and classroom activities, and secure new scholarships and sponsored studios.

LSU School of Interior Design Mission + Vision