Why Interior Design?

LSU interior design students share – Why LSU Interior Design?

Why Study Interior Design?

When working as an interior designer, you will collaborate with architects, developers, and private clients to create distinctive spaces that enhance the quality of life, increase productivity, and protect the health, safety, and welfare of the public. In doing so, you will shape, plan, and furnish interior spaces that range in scale from single family residences to large commercial and institutional projects. For example, you might design the floor plan for a large corporate office, furnish and equip a college building, or redesign the interior layout of an existing residence. In all cases, you will give expression and function to the unique aspirations and needs of your clients.

On any given project, you will have to consider a range of issues including aesthetics, function, economy, materials, and constructability. As you consider these issues, you will communicate with the client to present and exchange information and ideas. Such communication should foster mutual understanding and trust. It is just as important for the client to be able to visualize the planned design as it is for the designer to thoroughly understand the client’s needs.

Throughout your career, you will be challenged to create interiors that respond to changing lifestyles, restructured work environments, and new retail concepts. You will stay up to date on new interior materials and furnishings, life-safety regulations, and business practices through continuing education workshops and contact with a network of showrooms and manufacturer’s representatives with product and technical information. As you remain in tune, you will find yourself learning continually and offering what you have learned to clients as you create interior spaces that meet their aspirations and yours.

For more information on careers in interior design, visit careersininteriordesign.com.