First Year Assessment

Admission into the professional program (second through fourth years) of the Bachelor of Interior Design program is competitive, with limited positions available. Admission is selective and is based on scholastic achievement and portfolio assessment at the end of the spring semester of the first year of study.

Portfolio Reviews

1. A number will be assigned to you when the application is received by the Interior Design Office. It is your responsibility to obtain and remember this number!

2. Identify each piece of work with:

  • Course Number
  • Instructor’s Name
  • Brief Project Description
  • Semester/Year Taken

Do NOT indicate your name or student number on any piece of work or any part of the display area. If your name or student number is indicated on anything, it will disqualify your portfolio and application from the selective admissions process.

3. Display the portfolio in the assigned space that corresponds with your assigned number (see #1 above).

Do NOT move or remove your letter of intent or the assigned number from the display space. The display spaces are the boards on the wall in the hallways of the fourth floor of the Design Building. The assigned spaces are approximately 16-square-feet (4′ x 4′) and are clearly marked with borders (chalk, tape, string) and with numbers (upper right-hand corner). Do NOT exceed your assigned display space!

4. Portfolios must include a MINIMUM of two examples of work from each of the specified courses. You may also display any supplementary work from art and design courses (ONLY in addition to the above stated requirements) that would complement the required display.

Specified course examples of work that are required are:

  • ART 1847 (or ART 1010*): Drawing/Composition
  • ART 1011 (or ART 1008*): Art Structure/Basic Design
  • ID 1780 (or CM 1010*): Drafting/Technical Drawing
  • *or transfer or substitute course, if approved by department. Coursework from advanced courses in sequence may also be used. Example: Art 1847/1848, Art 1011/1551.

GOOD quality photographs or digital images of large drawing models and 3D work are acceptable.

Do NOT embellish your display space with decorative borders, backdrops, lace, etc. The Selective Admission Committee is interested only in the quality of the work itself. However, the display space should be well arranged and carefully labeled and mounted. Mounting on a background board or paper is acceptable but not required. Do not mount any material in a manner that will damage the display surface.