Why Louisiana?

Baton Rouge Proximity Map: graphic showing distance of Baton Rouge to New Orleans, Lafayette, Houston, Austin, with Louisiana state shape in background

Where We Live

Known for its great people, its unique food and its lively music, Louisiana has something for everyone—especially artists and designers.

But don’t take it from us! Hear it from the experts.

“Louisiana is a great place to study landscape architecture because our native environment is quite dynamic across the state. Designers-in-training  have the opportunity to study hydrology in an ever-changing landscape on a scale that’s not available in most other places. From the hilly northern region to the major rivers and waterways throughout the state and the alluvial delta and the coastal communities that are constantly at risk, Louisiana is one big outdoor laboratory capped off with a broad diversity of flora and fauna.”
Justin Lemoine, PLA, ASLA, ELS, Landscape Architecture Studio, president of the Louisiana chapter of ASLA

“We are very happy recent transplants to Louisiana and, specifically, to Baton Rouge. The culture, particularly the vibrant art and lively, soulful music and tasty unique food, makes this a genuinely exciting place to live. The unrivaled friendliness of the people here and the diverse culture found here brings a liveliness that I am excited to engage with every day.”
Daniel E. Stetson, executive director, LSU Museum of Art

“In Louisiana, we have a rich culture of connecting our use of the land and what we build on it. There are few other places in America that offer such diversity and so many opportunities for exploring these dynamic connections.”
Elizabeth “Boo” Thomas, president and CEO, Center for Planning Excellence

“Our innovation and entrepreneurship community is growing by the day with local happenings such as Pitch BR, One Million Cups, Assembly Required, LSU Research District, and BREW (Baton Rouge Entrepreneurship Week). To find what’s happening around Baton Rouge for innovators and entrepreneurs, visit nexus-la.org/whats-happening.”
Byron Clayton, president & CEO, Research Park Corporation

“In Louisiana, you are surrounded by inspiring landscapes, rich culture, and historic architecture. Studying interior design at LSU not only gave me a competitive advantage in the workforce, it also allowed me to form lasting relationships with future colleagues.”
Jennifer Mitchell, IIDA, CHID, EDAC, LA Reg. ID #1290, Director of Interior Design, Sizeler Thompson Brown Architects, New Orleans

Baton Rouge

The high ground above the Mississippi River—in a place the 17th-century French explorers called Red Stick—is an environment where landscape, climate, history, and culture allow for a lifestyle that is uniquely suited to the artistic temperament. Here, students develop their talents and refine their vision in a semi-tropical setting that provides fertile ground and unlimited material for an active imagination. Baton Rouge represents the best of Louisiana’s vibrant culture, and is a fantastic jumping-off place for exploring the rest of the region.


The Baton Rouge area has a semi-tropical climate that sets the scene for year-round outdoor sports and activities with mild and short winters, fabulous falls, and glorious springs.

The physical setting of southern Louisiana and the lower Mississippi delta region provides an invaluable resource for practicing artists and the study of architecture and landscape architecture. Investigation of this shifting and fluid context results in the construction of frameworks useful for the the study of architectural and environmental issues that have both local and global import.

Colorful Culture

Louisiana has arguably the most colorful history and fascinating culture of any state in the nation. In what other state could you visit the battleground where a ragtag group of soldiers repelled a British invasion with the help of a notorious outlaw pirate? Visitors can learn about many of the most interesting parts of general American history right here in Louisiana. From the National World War II Museum in New Orleans to the Sci-Port Discovery Center in Shreveport, and the countless museums, art galleries, zoos, and cultural and historical sites statewide, there is a lifetime of learning to do in Louisiana.

Cultural opportunities include hundreds of festivals, including Mardi Gras, Cajun music and cooking, and an abundance of outdoor activities. Visit the official Tourism Site of Louisiana for all things Louisiana!