College Council

LSU Student Government

The LSU Student Government’s sole purpose is to serve the students at LSU. Student Government is the voice of the student body on many important matters, including university administration, parking and transportation, academic affairs, and student life. University administrators regularly confer with Student Government representatives on new initiatives, policies, and programs that affect the university. In addition to the roles of advising and advocating on behalf of the student body, the Student Government controls several million dollars of student and state funding to support student initiatives, student organizations, programs, and events.

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College of Art & Design Student Council

The College of Art & Design Student Council serves to unify the students, faculty, and staff of the college and as liaisons between the faculty and students within the college. College of Art & Design students elect a president, vice president, and three at-large members to the college council. Members are elected for a one-year term each spring semester.